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Puerto Rico Disaster Relief Fund 9/27/2017
The destructive winds and rains of the Hurricane Maria made a devastating landfall in Across the Caribbean Islands, as the strongest hurricane to hit Puerto Rico in more than 80 years. The gale force winds ripped the roofs off of homes, uprooted trees and brought down power lines Island wide across Puerto Rico. While some of the residents of the Island were blessed to have their homes and personal property spared, Approximately 95% of the population have suffered crippling losses from the storm. Most of residents of the Island are now homeless, scarce of food, without water or electricity. The entire island of Puerto Rico is without 100% electricity in this state of emergency with a mandatory 6:00 PM curfew to all island residents.

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The foundations of homes have been critically damaged due to the rising waters and flooding. Neighborhoods along the coastal regions of the Island have been flooded and submerged with up to 10 ft. of rising storm surge. The homes that remain standing need to be completely gutted due to the risk of mold. Fallen powerlines, limbs and trees smashed cars and roofs remain widespread all across the Island.

This an unimaginable disaster has forced all schools and businesses to close their doors. Many business infrastructures have been critically damaged have lost their entire inventory in the aftermath of Maria. The beaches and boardwalks that use to draw thousands of tourists and drive vital business to the Island have been completely destroyed in the wake of the massive waves and storm surge. The total costs to rebuild the economy is still being calculated and many experts predict Puerto Rico will need billions in federal aid which will scar Puerto Rico for many years to follow as result of the catastrophe.

The Island has lost 100% of its power. Prior to the island being hit by Hurricane Irma and now the remnants of  Maria, the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority said it needed more than $4 billion to overhaul its outdated power plants and now could face bankruptcy with an estimated $74 billion in restructuring costs, leaving the grid billions of dollars in debt. It could take up to 6 months or longer for the Island of Puerto Rico to regain its fragile electrical grid from the devastation of this storm. The Puerto Rican government funding budget for disaster relief has only $20 million to allocate in aid, forcing The Island of Puerto Rico to rely on the Trump administration and Federal Emergency.

With your kind and generous help and small charitable donations we hope to be able to provide food, shelter, clothing, water and temporary shelter as basic necessities for my sister Meghan Cummings and her children who have lost everything in the aftermath of the storm and provide relocation expenses once the airport opens up again with commercial flights and help assist them rebuild their life again. Any small contribution donated will very much appreciated and will not go unnoticed. As we will keep the gofundme page updated. I am firm believer in what goes around comes around.

God Bless To all That have been Affected by this horrible tragedy 

We never know when disaster is going to strike and who and how it will affect anyone in any desperate state of devastation such as this. This by far the frightening experience my family and nieces have witnessed their lifetime. At this time my sister Meghan has to walk 5 miles each day with her children and is only able to send me one outgoing text message daily. The last text message I received from her was that she said was that clearly felt like she was living in hell and now fearing for her life and in a very unsafe and unstable environment. I hope we can all put this this behind us sooner than later. And I pray for everyone's safety that has been affected by Hurricane Maria, Irma as those devastated in Mexico with 2 back to back earthquakes. I think we can all get together and give a little we can all make a difference together.  I am putting all my faith into this fundraiser and living on prayer until we can communicate and be reunited with my family once again. 


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